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[Infographic] How to Increase Your Black Friday Online Sales

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Tuesday, 10 Nov,2015 - 09:00

Check out our latest infographic for Christmas conversion top tips to help you drive extra sales over Black Friday and the Christmas shopping surge.  

As traffic increases, so too does your opportunity to capture more customer data, encourage more conversions and recover maximum lost sales. Have you got it covered?

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The latest from Liveclicker on the upcoming Future of Email London event - 3 Sept 15

Posted By Sam Moser on Friday, 14 Aug,2015 - 09:46

On Thursday, September 3rd, top thought-leaders and marketers will converge in London for the fourth installment of the 'Future of Email' London tour. The inaugural event took place in San Francisco last January and will travel to Boston, Los Angeles, Denver, Seattle, and Miami later this fall.

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[Free Guide] How to Craft a Compelling Subject Line

Posted By Kath Pay on Monday, 10 Aug,2015 - 12:00

With email being a Push Channel, we benefit from being able to send messages at appropriate times in the consumer’s lifecycle – we don’t have to wait for them to come to us. One of the positive outcomes of this is that more often than not, email is one of the main drivers of traffic to your website and the subject line plays a very important role in this.

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[Webinar & Blog] How to effectively use Persuasion throughout the ecommerce customer journey

Posted By Kath Pay on Monday, 10 Aug,2015 - 09:33

When creating and optimising our ecommerce customer journey, not only do we need to ensure that we make this as frictionless as possible, but also that we make it as persuasive as possible.

Our journey today

When creating and optimising our ecommerce customer journey, not only do we need to ensure that we have made this as frictionless and easy to use journey as possible, but also that we have made this journey as persuasive as possible.

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You're Invited to Future of Email London - 3 Sept 2015, 3pm - Save Your Seat

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Friday, 07 Aug,2015 - 09:00

Would you like to transform your email in 2015 and beyond? Join us for this free to attend 'Future of Email' London event where you will learn all about the latest email technologies, cutting-edge campaign strategies, and conversion driving tactics.

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Hayes Garden World Flash Sale – the power of an overlay that delivered 25% more sales

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Wednesday, 05 Aug,2015 - 12:45

What if you could use a very simple piece of technology to sell more stuff? What if you could do it easily and quickly without relying on anyone else? And how about being able to instantly react to those macro factors, such as the weather, to maximise on perhaps an unexpected surge of interest in your product? 

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3 Steps to Increasing Email Conversions: Open > Click > Convert [Video & Blogs]

Posted By Kath Pay on Tuesday, 21 Jul,2015 - 09:24


There are 3 key steps to increasing email marketing conversions: Open > Click > Convert, and it’s necessary to get each of them right as they can all impact (either positively or negatively) the success of your email marketing campaign. All too often when we talk about email marketing we simply consider the email, however, email marketing is much more than that.

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Murdock London's journey in finding the right vendor

Posted By Kath Pay on Monday, 20 Jul,2015 - 10:44

I have the privilege of being an advisor to Mediapost’s Email Marketing Summit, which was held in the Algarve, Portugal in June this year and it is, in my opinion, one of the best email marketing conferences in Europe. In this role of advisor, I had the pleasure of asking cloud.IQ’s client, Adeola Sole, CRM Manager at Murdock London to be a Keynote speaker at the conference.

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MagentoLive UK 2015 - Finding the Right Balance: Creating a Successful Customer Journey

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Wednesday, 15 Jul,2015 - 08:30

Our Marketing Director, Kath Pay, presented a fun and inspiring session to a very engaged audience at MagentoLive! London recently. 

Kath revealed what brands are currently doing, with lots of great examples, as well as provided the reasons behind why these tactics/principles work. With a bit of humour, some great insights and tips, this session proved to be a success at the show. 

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Some Awesome Tips from the Email Conversion Optimisation Panel @ MPEIS Portugal

Posted By Kath Pay on Tuesday, 14 Jul,2015 - 10:03

I had the pleasure of moderating the first panel at the fantastic three day Email Insider’s Summit in the Algarve, Portugal recently and was joined by an expert team of email marketers as panelists.

Amidst some wonderful networking between email marketing peers of brands such as Dixons, Last Minute, Hilton Worldwide, Arsenal Football Club,, Sony, Expedia, Nook, Eurail and Murdock London just to name a few, we also had a brilliant time soaking in some very valuable learnings from experts as well as from each other.

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