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3 Steps to Increasing Email Conversions: Open > Click > Convert [Video & Blogs]

Posted By Kath Pay on Tuesday, 21 Jul,2015 - 09:24


There are 3 key steps to increasing email marketing conversions: Open > Click > Convert, and it’s necessary to get each of them right as they can all impact (either positively or negatively) the success of your email marketing campaign. All too often when we talk about email marketing we simply consider the email, however, email marketing is much more than that.

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Murdock London's journey in finding the right vendor

Posted By Kath Pay on Monday, 20 Jul,2015 - 10:44

I have the privilege of being an advisor to Mediapost’s Email Marketing Summit, which was held in the Algarve, Portugal in June this year and it is, in my opinion, one of the best email marketing conferences in Europe. In this role of advisor, I had the pleasure of asking cloud.IQ’s client, Adeola Sole, CRM Manager at Murdock London to be a Keynote speaker at the conference.

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MagentoLive UK 2015 - Finding the Right Balance: Creating a Successful Customer Journey

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Wednesday, 15 Jul,2015 - 08:30

Our Marketing Director, Kath Pay, presented a fun and inspiring session to a very engaged audience at MagentoLive! London recently. 

Kath revealed what brands are currently doing, with lots of great examples, as well as provided the reasons behind why these tactics/principles work. With a bit of humour, some great insights and tips, this session proved to be a success at the show. 

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Some Awesome Tips from the Email Conversion Optimisation Panel @ MPEIS Portugal

Posted By Kath Pay on Tuesday, 14 Jul,2015 - 10:03

I had the pleasure of moderating the first panel at the fantastic three day Email Insider’s Summit in the Algarve, Portugal recently and was joined by an expert team of email marketers as panelists.

Amidst some wonderful networking between email marketing peers of brands such as Dixons, Last Minute, Hilton Worldwide, Arsenal Football Club,, Sony, Expedia, Nook, Eurail and Murdock London just to name a few, we also had a brilliant time soaking in some very valuable learnings from experts as well as from each other.

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In honour of Neetu Jain

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Tuesday, 07 Jul,2015 - 13:40

To commemorate our colleague Neetu and all of those who lost their lives 10 years ago in the London Bombings, cloud.IQ held a minute's silence today and will be stepping out for a mini triathlon across London next week. 

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eCommerce Summit Wrap up - Sessions available On-Demand now

Posted By Kath Pay on Monday, 01 Jun,2015 - 11:41

What an amazing couple of days we’ve just had! Fantastic content containing tips, tricks and excellent advice from some of the top digital marketing experts from around the world. Here’s what a couple of happy attendees had to say.

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Try a Cart Abandonment Email ‘Sandwich’

Posted By Chad White on Tuesday, 19 May,2015 - 11:15

cart abandonment email sandwich - image courtesy of Shak Shuka
Image: Shak Shuka

Editor: Many thanks to Chad White of Litmus for this post as part of a series of speaker articles for our online eCommerce summit, available on-demand now!

Despite being highly effective, adoption of shopping cart abandonment emails is still low and growing slowly. Only 23% of major retailers sent a shopping cart abandonment email, as of December 2014, according to Salesforce Marketing Cloud research. That’s up from 20% adoption in December 2013

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Essential advice on increasing email marketing conversions by 3 email experts.

Posted By Kath Pay on Wednesday, 13 May,2015 - 10:51

Ahead of the eagerly awaited online eCommerce Summit on May 27-29, I asked a couple of email marketing experts a challenging question:

“There are so many ways to increase conversions – segmentation,  testing, copywriting, deliverability just to name a few. What is the number one (key)  piece of advice you would provide to increase conversions for an eCommerce email marketing campaign?”

It was a challenging question and as usual Dave Chaffey of SmartInsights provided  some great advice to apply immediately to your campaigns and Dela Quist of Alchemy Worx took  a different approach (as usual!) and provided valuable advice on measuring your conversions.

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The Conversion Optimisation Dilemma Answered - Where to start optimising?

Posted By Kath Pay on Tuesday, 12 May,2015 - 11:46

In the run up to our eagerly awaited eCommerce Summit we decided to ask a couple of our expert speakers the following question:

“Where to begin when optimizing your website? What’s your key piece of advice that you would provide for an easy and ‘quick win’ on an ecommerce website, with the aim of increasing conversions?”

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Announcing our online eCommerce Summit - and you're invited!

Posted By Kath Pay on Wednesday, 06 May,2015 - 14:27

Want to gain some valuable marketing insights? For Free? Whilst sitting at your desk? Then join us for an exclusive line up of renowned industry speakers at our online eCommerce Summit, May 27-29 2015.

We’re offering a jam-packed agenda full of insights, training and expertise -  all delivered online to you for FREE!

LIVE  hourly sessions cover topics including email marketing, customer journey optimisation, copywriting, segmentation, personalisation, user experience and more.

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