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An intern at Cloud IQ - Gaia's story

Posted By Gaia Sbordini on Tuesday, 12 Sep,2017 - 09:55

My experience at Cloud IQ started three months ago. I came in as a shy, inexperienced intern and I’ll leave this office with much more confidence in myself and in my abilities.

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Are you GDPR data compliant? We'll tell you at this month's Travolution Summit

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Friday, 08 Sep,2017 - 14:33

If you work in online travel, you're probably heading to the Travolution Summit on 28th September in London. This year the focus is on how emerging technologies, like artificial intelligence and machine learning, are impacting the travel sector.

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Clicking up a gear with investment from PayPal

Posted By James Critchley on Monday, 31 Jul,2017 - 08:01

2017 is proving to be a landmark year for Cloud IQ. In March 2017, we announced Series A funding of £4 million from Nauta Capital, Finance Wales and Juno Capital, establishing ourselves as one of the best-funded commerce optimisation platforms, and accelerating our roadmap development. Today, we are pleased to have secured an additional £4 million from lead investor PayPal,and returning investors Nauta Capital, Finance Wales and Juno Capital.

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Cloud IQ growth strategy clicks up a gear raising additional £4m

Posted By Nick Peart on Monday, 31 Jul,2017 - 08:00

31st July 2017, London – PayPal joins returning investors Nauta Capital, Juno and Finance Wales in backing the commerce optimisation specialist

Today Cloud IQ, the commerce optimisation platform, announces that it has raised a £4m round, including an investment from PayPal (NASDAQ: PYPL).  This investment will enable Cloud IQ to democratise digital marketing, enabling businesses of all sizes to deliver dynamic individual user experiences that are beneficial to both consumers and the merchant.

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At the beginning of infinity…£4m funding closed

Posted By James Critchley on Friday, 10 Mar,2017 - 13:08

In business, you work through the difficult days, relish the good days, and plan always for the best days still ahead. Through all of that, every now and then comes a moment that you know you'll always remember. For me, this is one of those moments.

I've said elsewhere that mentioning conversion rate optimisation (CRO) at dinner parties won't win you many ears but, with a CRO-driven 0.2% uplift in sales resulting in a revenue increase of up to 10%, every ecommerce operator should listen hard. Now, the demonstrable benefits of the cloud.IQ platform have been recognised with an investment of GBP£4,000,000.

That's a lot of zeroes. So what do they all mean?

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Artificial Intelligence Platform Cloud.IQ Secures GBP£4M Funding To Build On 100% Growth and Global Expansion

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Thursday, 09 Mar,2017 - 13:10

March 9th 2017, London – Cloud.IQ, the conversion rate optimisation platform for e-commerce, announces a GBP£4M Series A funding round, led by London based pan European fund Nauta Capital and advised by Armada Ventures. Finance Wales also participated in the round, alongside existing investors Juno Capital.

This latest investment round enables cloud.IQ to continue its rapid growth, international expansion and fuel new product development of the cloud.IQ platform, through which a 0.2% conversion uplift can increase revenue by up to 10%.

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Why Customers Abandon Their Shopping Baskets - Alone and Unpaid For!

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Monday, 27 Feb,2017 - 11:15

Why do customers abandon their shopping basket?
Customers abandon shopping carts. Fact. This is not news. On average, 75% of customers will abandon their basket without buying. This rate can differ dramatically depending on the product you’re selling and industry you’re in.

In this article, you'll find a list of the key reasons customers leave their shopping carts - abandoned, alone and unpaid for! It's likely none of these reasons will come as a big surprise to you, but a carefully considered list can  often help focus the mind and provide clarity on how and where to best focus efforts, particularly if you’re looking to minimise shopping cart abandonment on your website.

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The changing face of a mobile consumer

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Monday, 19 Dec,2016 - 11:00

It should come as little surprise in the 21st century that mobile phone usage has evolved at a rapid rate. Looking ahead to the future, things only seem set to expand further, with mobile devices becoming more entwined in our everyday lives and culture.

By 2018 it’s expected the sale of mobile commerce could reach as high as a staggering $626 billion for the year alone, with a mind-boggling 8.2 billion handheld devices also estimated to be in circulation at that time.

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Google crackdown on ‘intrusive’ overlays: Are your overlays search friendly?

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Thursday, 15 Dec,2016 - 09:00

It’s been a while since Google announced their next mobile friendly mission, but the day the search giant enforces its changes is almost upon us.

In the New Year, the 10th January 2017 to be exact, Google will penalise ‘intrusive’ use of overlays on mobile sites. This means that sites on which “content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results” could face a negative SEO impact and relevant pages ‘may not rank as highly’.

For those using overlay technology and unsure whether their site could be in the Google firing line, the rest of this article explains exactly what’s happening in case you need to make any changes to avoid traffic loss.

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Cut through the Christmas calendar with our eCommerce conversion checklist

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Thursday, 10 Nov,2016 - 08:30

The Christmas retail calendar seems to get busier every year, with more dates to optimise and plan for to drive as many sales as possible over the Christmas peak season, including:

•  24th Nov - Grey Thursday
•  25
th Nov - Black Friday
•  28
th Nov - Cyber Monday
•  29
th Nov - Retargeting Tuesday
•  1
st Dec - Throwback Thursday
•  3
rd Dec - Small Business Saturday (US)
•  5
th Dec – Manic Monday
•  12
th Dec - Green Monday
•  17
th Dec - Super Saturday
•  18
th Dec - Free Shipping Day
•  Then comes Christmas itself and the Jan sales!

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