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[WEBINAR - 11 Oct, 10:30am] Future Glance: CRO as Part of a Multi-Channel Brand Strategy to Convert More Customers and Increase Sales

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Tuesday, 27 Sep,2016 - 17:22

    1. Tuesday 11 October 2016, 10:30am

      Want to know how to enhance a multi-channel experience and boost online sales? If so, then make sure you don't miss out on our free webinar.

      Incredibly useful for ecommerce brands, it's presented by our conversion experts here at cloud.IQ and strategic digital marketing agency McCANN Connected.

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10th Travolution Summit London - a few seats left!

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Friday, 23 Sep,2016 - 13:12

If you work in travel, it's not too late to sign up for the 2016 Travolution Summit - a one day conference taking place on Monday 26th September in London and dedicated entirely to the latest in digital travel.  In its 10th year, this day-long event promises a day packed with vital insights into how developments in online travel and technology over the past 10 years are shaping future strategy.

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Want a Subject Line that Drives Conversions?

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Thursday, 25 Aug,2016 - 12:00

Let's face it: Your customer's inbox is most likely the same as everyone else's- cluttered and pretty much full! It's your email's job therefore to stand out amongst the clutter and above the competition. As one of the main drivers of your website's traffic, it can't really afford not to!

So what's the best way to stand out? We're glad you asked because we're going to tell you...it's engaging, can't-help-but-open subject lines!

We partnered with Smart Insights to tell you how to craft an effective email subject line that can help optimise conversions.

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Browse Abandonment Emails: Why, When & How

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Tuesday, 23 Aug,2016 - 09:28

It's not only about how you get customers on to your site, but it is also what happens when they get there which is crucial if you want to increase revenue. With around 98% of visitors leaving a site without making a purchase, there are a number of touchpoints throughout the customer journey that you can optimise to improve site conversion. This article focuses on one extremely effective enagagement opportunity - the browse abandonment email.  

Customers will always abandon during a browsing session, but their interest does not have to end with it. You can easily create a service focused browse abandonment email, providing consumers with plenty of reasons to return. This article takes a quick look at why, when and how it's best to use them. 

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[WEBINAR] Find out how Space.NK optimised their website to convert more customers - joined by Space.NK's Head of eCommerce

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Friday, 12 Aug,2016 - 15:44

We partnered with Internet Retailing to deliver a webinar aimed at helping retailers optimise their website to convert more customers. Presented by Tim Renew (cloud.IQ's Sales Director and ecommerce optimisation expert) and hosted by Chloe Rigby, editor at Interner Retailing - the webinar provides viewers with easy to implement tips they can get started on straight away, with no development support or website updates required. 

Joining Tim and Chloe on the webinar is Space.NK's Jez Wilson, sharing his experience and the results achieved using the methods presented by Tim.

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Boost Your Online Sales Conversions in 3 Simple Steps - Part 3

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Wednesday, 10 Aug,2016 - 09:08

This is the final installment in our 3-part series (read part 1 and part 2 here) highlighting how ecommerce brands can boost online sales conversions in 3 simple steps.

The final stage of the process, which this post is going to be looking at is about ensuring that you are retaining constant contact with all of your customers at all touch points that arise. By appearing as a helping hand in the process and being aware of each consumer's unique journey, you'll encourage increased sales from both first-time buyers and repeat customers.

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Boost Your Online Sales Conversions in 3 Simple Steps - Part 2

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Monday, 08 Aug,2016 - 08:30

Continuing our 3-part article series on how to boost online sales conversions, part 2 is going to look specifically at how to ensure your site is working to convert as many new visitors to email subscribers as possible. We previously mentioned that it was crucial to remarket throughout the entire journey and this second step is equally crucial for allowing this remarketing to occur successfully.

No matter where it occurs in the process, you need to initiate a relationship with your site's new visitors and transform them to email subscribers. This way, whether they stay or go, you'll be able to stay in contact with them and give yourelf the best chance of increased sales in the future.

If you haven't already read Part 1 in this article series, you can have a read here and then stay tuned for part 3, the final step in boosting online sales converions, which we'll publish soon. But first...

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Expert Insights: Cart Recovery Email Optimisation Tips

Posted By Cassie Markovich on Thursday, 04 Aug,2016 - 16:30

There are some very strong characteristics that remain a constant when it comes to recovering maximum lost sales from your cart recovery emails. As I work across many such campaigns for our ecommerce clients everyday, I see what works best and would like to share some top optimisation tips with you.

This article summarises the main performance driving elements that go in to a carefully crafted cart recovery email, to drive maximum revenue. 

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Boost Your Online Sales Conversions In 3 Simple Steps - Part 1

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Tuesday, 02 Aug,2016 - 08:30

There are 3 essential strategies to boosting online sales conversions regardless of where your customers are in the purchase funnel. The buying process presents your brand with numerous opportunities, so make sure you have the tools you need to deliver your business the greatest gain.

Boosting your online sales conversions requires a three step process with each step being as impactful and as crucial as the others. This is part 1 in a series of articles, which will cover the 3 steps you can use to boost your online  conversions. So keep an eye out for parts 2 and 3 coming soon...

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6 Steps to Cart Recovery Success - More Recovered Sales!

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Tuesday, 26 Jul,2016 - 16:28

No matter how well you promote or optimise your site, there will always be those customers who abandon their basket. All businesses whether big or small have to work to recover this abandonment because let's face it, we all hate to lose!

However, a few small changes to your cart recovery strategy could gain you the positive impact you need to bring those abandoned baskets back to complete their transaction. There are many ways to go about nurturing and encouraging leads to do this - we've gathered 6 of our top recommendations:

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