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Hayes Garden World Flash Sale – the power of an overlay that delivered 25% more sales

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Wednesday, 05 Aug,2015 - 12:45

What if you could use a very simple piece of technology to sell more stuff? What if you could do it easily and quickly without relying on anyone else? And how about being able to instantly react to those macro factors, such as the weather, to maximise on perhaps an unexpected surge of interest in your product? 

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Top Ten High Margin Products Sold Online

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Friday, 13 Mar,2015 - 15:28

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As part of a series of cloud.IQ popular article updates from days gone by, this was one of our most popular. Re-published below it in all its original glory. Updated version coming soon... 

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Integrate search and email for smart personalisation

Posted By Kath Pay on Wednesday, 04 Mar,2015 - 21:40

Personalisation-1When we think of the words ‘personalise’ and ‘email’ we more often than not think of including the subscriber's name and possibly their company name within the email. But this is the most basic of ways of personalising the experience within email and quite frankly, impresses very few. 


Personalisation can be achieved numerous ways by utilising the following types of data:

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4 pro ways to NAIL Facebook advertising for your e-commerce site

Posted By Siobhan McGinty on Monday, 09 Feb,2015 - 11:58

Editor: Many thanks to Siobhan McGinty of HubSpot for this post.

Facebook advertising within the realm of e-commerce is a match made in heaven. Why? Three reasons. Firstly, it allows you to target your audience very precisely - so the better you know your audience, the better your ads will perform. Second, Facebook is continually introducing more and more ad formats which are particularly suited to e-commerce -- and we’ll demonstrate the power of the most impressive ones in this post.

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