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Google crackdown on ‘intrusive’ overlays: Are your overlays search friendly?

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Thursday, 15 Dec,2016 - 09:00

It’s been a while since Google announced their next mobile friendly mission, but the day the search giant enforces its changes is almost upon us.

In the New Year, the 10th January 2017 to be exact, Google will penalise ‘intrusive’ use of overlays on mobile sites. This means that sites on which “content is not easily accessible to a user on the transition from the mobile search results” could face a negative SEO impact and relevant pages ‘may not rank as highly’.

For those using overlay technology and unsure whether their site could be in the Google firing line, the rest of this article explains exactly what’s happening in case you need to make any changes to avoid traffic loss.

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Cut through the Christmas calendar with our eCommerce conversion checklist

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Thursday, 10 Nov,2016 - 08:30

The Christmas retail calendar seems to get busier every year, with more dates to optimise and plan for to drive as many sales as possible over the Christmas peak season, including:

•  24th Nov - Grey Thursday
•  25
th Nov - Black Friday
•  28
th Nov - Cyber Monday
•  29
th Nov - Retargeting Tuesday
•  1
st Dec - Throwback Thursday
•  3
rd Dec - Small Business Saturday (US)
•  5
th Dec – Manic Monday
•  12
th Dec - Green Monday
•  17
th Dec - Super Saturday
•  18
th Dec - Free Shipping Day
•  Then comes Christmas itself and the Jan sales!

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Four of the best ways to use overlays for ecommerce websites

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Wednesday, 02 Nov,2016 - 16:30

There's no great mystery here! An overlay is simply a way of presenting a personalised message to your customers to encourage a specific action, usually triggered by defined rules and on-site customer behaviour. 

Your overlays should offer value and encourage progression through the customer journey to help drive conversions. Get them right and they can be extremely effective in achieveing your objectives - whether it's sign-ups, sales or social sharing. 

Ensuring your overlay enhances the customer experience is the first step to success. It's also important to think of your overlay as an 'extension of your web page' so they appear integral to the customer journey and your brand. 

As the Christmas peak season fast approaches, I asked our optimisation team to choose their 'best use of overlay' and why... 

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10 Things to Consider when Designing an Overlay

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Tuesday, 18 Oct,2016 - 11:06

When it comes to using overlays, it's important to see them as an extension of your brand and a useful part of the overall customer experience on your website.

Often still referred to as a 'pop-up', there's no denying the effectiveness of this technology when it comes to growing your marketing database and converting more customers. But only when they are deployed in the right way. 

This article takes a look at the top 10 components of an overlay and the things you should consider when designing your overlay. Don't forget - each element should be tested to see what works best for your brand and customers, but as a starting point this list serves as a strong basis for you to build on...

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Hayes Garden World Flash Sale – the power of an overlay that delivered 25% more sales

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Wednesday, 05 Aug,2015 - 12:45

What if you could use a very simple piece of technology to sell more stuff? What if you could do it easily and quickly without relying on anyone else? And how about being able to instantly react to those macro factors, such as the weather, to maximise on perhaps an unexpected surge of interest in your product? 

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[Infographic] 5 Ways to Use Popovers to Increase Conversions

Posted By Lotty Cumming on Tuesday, 24 Mar,2015 - 16:31

The name 'popover' or 'overlay' can often convey the wrong idea for this clever little slice of conversion technology. cloud.IQ's CEO encourages our clients to think of these as 'extensions of your web page'.   

Essentially they are integral to the customer journey on a website and should be viewed as part of your customer service armoury. There to assist and enrich, never to annoy. 

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