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98% of visitors abandon websites without sharing their email address. There are two options; hope they’ll come back, or engage with them using exitCapture.

exitCapture gives you another chance to catch their attention, capture their data and boost your conversion rates.

exitCapture is seriously smart. It tracks your visitor’s site activity, down to every single cursor movement and anticipates when they’re about to leave. At this point, it overlays your web page with profile-relevant content (exclusive products, discounts, news etc.) that requires their email address to access it.

How we target

Campaigns can be run using any or all of the following parameters:

  • Traffic source
  • Geo location
  • User segmentation
  • Page content
  • Session based
  • Seasonal/timed

Key features

  • Behaviour tracking - Cursor tracking invokes the overlay when the user moves off the page
  • Customised design - Ability to customise the look and feel of overlays to fit your brand
  • Multi-platform compatibility - Responsive design functions for PC, tablet and smartphone alike
  • Configurable - Can be configured to securely capture data, typically a customer’s email address
  • Dynamic content -Content from remote servers can be displayed in the overlay (this may be in relation to offers, vouchers, etc.)
  • One time only display - The overlay is only displayed once to the end user. After they have closed it, it will not be displayed again

Leverage exclusive content in exchange for customers' email addresses


Overlays are custom-designed to fit with your brand


Use overlays to aquire customer data in exchange for dynamic content 

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