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cloud.IQ’s suite of remarketing and conversion tools

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Our unique tools convert browsers into buyers using powerful, proven marketing and recovery techniques. They can be used individually or together to keep you in touch with ‘lost’ customers by delivering targeted content. Send personalised emails and web content to encourage customers back to purchase.

Working in harmony

For the last 10 years, cloud.IQ software has helped turn web traffic into paying customers for 1000’s of businesses worldwide. Our tools plug easily in to websites, working seamlessly together via one universal ‘tag’, giving e-commerce businesses one of the simplest and most effective ways to boost sales.

Identify lost sales with our free siteAnalyser

Analyse your site performance to see how much more revenue you could generate

Site Analytics:
How much more could you be selling online?

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Analyse your e-commerce site performance. Identify lost conversion opportunities and see how much browser and cart abandonment is costing your business each month.

siteAnalyser is completely free, with no obligation to sign up for other cloud.IQ products.

Access real-time analytics to benchmark your online sales funnel. Identify ‘pinch points’ where browsers are leaving your site and shopping carts abandoned. Find out how much more you could be converting. Identify missed sales opportunities from the 90% of visitors who leave your site without making a purchase using the data-driven dashboard. Once you’re convinced, you can upgrade and start using our proven remarketing and conversion tools.

Key features

  • Free to use - Free, no obligation access to cloud.IQ and the analytics dashboard
  • Simple set up - Just one tag to add to your website
  • 100% compatible - Works with all e-commerce platforms and shopping carts
  • Powerful analytics - Simple, step-by-step analysis of your cart abandonment data
  • Multi-platform - Optimised to work on desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • Suite of tools - Upgrade at any time to boost sales with our remarketing and conversion tools

Quick and easy installation with one simple tag to add to your website


Start collecting abandonment data immediately using the analytics dashboard


Access real-time analytics to benchmark your online sales funnel


Engage customers with exitCapture

Capture more email opt-ins and convert site visitors into customers

On-site Remarketing:
Get 300% more email opt-ins and an extra 10% in conversions

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98% of visitors abandon websites without sharing their email address. There are two options; hope they’ll come back, or engage with them using exitCapture.

exitCapture gives you another chance to catch their attention, capture their data and boost your conversion rates.

exitCapture is seriously smart. It tracks your visitor’s site activity, down to every single cursor movement and anticipates when they’re about to leave. At this point, it overlays your web page with profile-relevant content (exclusive products, discounts, news etc.) that requires their email address to access it.

How we target

Campaigns can be run using any or all of the following parameters:
  • Traffic source
  • Geo location
  • User segmentation
  • Page content
  • Session based
  • Seasonal/timed

Full features list

  • Behaviour tracking - Cursor tracking invokes the overlay when the user moves off the page 
  • Customised design - Ability to customise the look and feel of overlays to fit your brand
  • Multi-platform compatibility - Responsive design functions for PC, tablet and smartphone alike
  • Configurable - Can be configured to securely capture data, typically a customer’s email address
  • Dynamic content - Content from remote servers can be displayed in the overlay (this may be in relation to offers, vouchers, etc.)
  • One time only display - The overlay is only displayed once to the end user. After they have closed it, it will not be displayed again

Leverage exclusive content in exchange for customers' email addresses


Overlays are custom-designed to fit with your brand


Use overlays to secure customer data in exchange for dynamic content such as quotes


Re-engage with ‘lost’ customers using cartRecovery

The simple way to track and convert visitors who abandon their shopping carts

Off-site Remarketing:
Recover 20% of abandoned sales

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On average, 75% of online shoppers abandon shopping carts before making a purchase.

cartRecovery lets you track site visitors and automatically re-engage if they abandon, typically increasing conversion rates by up to 20%.

When shopping online, the majority of people draw up a shortlist of competing products or websites. cartRecovery lets you monitor shopping basket items and capture user interactions. If the purchase is abandoned, a chain of three personalised emails is sent out enticing visitors to return and complete their purchase. This powerful tool helps you to re-engage with ‘lost’ customers and has been proven to dramatically increase online revenue.

Key features 

  • Personalised content - Remind shoppers of what’s in their basket via personalised emails
  • Control timings and frequency - Create your own fully automated schedule
  • A/B Testing and analytics - Analyse customer statistics, cart values, email campaign performance and recovered sale value
  • Performance comparisons - Compare cart performance pre and post re-marketing
  • Responsive design - Responsive design functions for PC, tablet and smartphone alike
  • Dynamic content - Content from remote servers can be displayed in the overlay (this may be in relation to offers, vouchers, etc.)

Send detailed product information to shoppers who have abandoned their carts 


Personalised email re-marketing customised to match your brand 

Take precise control over when and how often customers receive reminder emails


Deliver personalised content with targetMail

Track browsing habits and deliver real-time personalised emails to your registered users

Off-site Remarketing:
Use effective behavioural merchandising to increase sales by 12%

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Use targeted, highly personalised emails to encourage customers back to your e-commerce website.

targetMail tracks browsing behaviour and sends real-time personalised emails to registered users when they leave your site. Behavioural merchandising is highly effective and can lead to a 12% increase in online sales.

targetMail gives you the opportunity to merchandise to registered customers who have left your site on a one-to-one basis. Through customer profiling, you can send them recommendations and special offers that are specifically tailored to them. Personalised emails tend to convert much higher than generic mailshots as they can cut through the noise and give customers what they want.

Key features

  • Behaviour tracking - Track browsing behaviour of registered users to send out targeted emails
  • Customised email design - Ability to customise the look and feel of emails to fit your brand
  • Responsive design - Responsive design functions for PC, tablet and smartphone alike
  • Count-down timers - Count-down timers for sales, offers and events
  • Personalised content - Individualised recommendations make the emails relevant for each shopper

Track customer browsing behaviour to re-engage them when they leave via email

Send highly targeted and personalised emails  to encourage the customer back to  the site


Customise the look and feel of your emails in keeping with your brand and products


Optimise your campaigns with our free analytics

Analyse results from your remarketing and conversion campaigns to further increase sales

Maximise results across all cloud.IQ campaigns 

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Review and fine-tune your cloud.IQ remarketing and conversion campaigns. Compare design, imagery, copy and tone of voice to determine which campaigns are getting thebest results.

Our analytics dashboard helps you get even more out of the cloud.IQ software. A/B testing shows you how to fine-tune future marketing campaigns for even greater returns.

Knowing which elements work best in your marketing is invaluable information. You can analyse every aspect of your cloud.IQ campaigns from your own dashboard. Compare results from different emails and site overlays and drill down to the smallest details. Do 2 for 1 offers work better than 50% off deals for some customers? Does red text result in more opt-ins than blue? Run automatic A/B tests to discover how to fine tune future campaigns and maximise your online revenue.

Full features list

  • Free to use - Maximise results at no extra cost
  • User-friendly - Simple interface and step-by-step instructions
  • Powerful analytics - Analyse colour, typography, imagery, copy and tone of voice. Use A/B testing to compare campaigns side by side.
  • Multi-platform - Optimised to work on desktops, tablets and mobiles
  • Simple set up - Uses same tag as other cloud.IQ software
  • Dedicated support - Help with set up and campaign optimisation, plus 24/7 support

Powerful analytics let you review and fine-tune your cloud.IQ campaigns 


Watch campaigns running live to see how many more conversions are being made 


Our responsively designed analytics platform puts you in control wherever you are