Analyse your site performance to see how much more revenue you could generate.

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Track site visitors, analyse your ecommerce site performance. Identify lost conversion opportunities and see how much cart abandonment is costing your business each month.

siteAnalyser is a completely free dashboard, with no obligation to sign up for other Cloud IQ products.

Access real-time customer data to benchmark your online sales funnel. Identify 'pinch points' where shopping carts are abandoned and find out how much more you could be converting. Identify missed sales opportunities from the 98% of visitors who leave your site without making a purchase using our data-driven dashboard and fix conversion weak spots.

You can upgrade and start using our consumer conversion technology at any time.

Key features

  • Free to use - No obligation access to our full analytics dashboard

  • Simple set up - Just add one simple tag to your website

  • 100% compatible - Works with all ecommerce platforms and shopping carts

  • Powerful analytics - Deep consumer insights from the millions of user interactions and behaviours we track and store 

  • Multi-platform - Optimised to work across all devices - desktops, tables and mobiles

  • Suite of tools - Boost online revenue with our consumer conversion technology 
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Quick and easy installation with one simple tag to add to your website


Start collecting abandonment data immediately using the analytics dashboard


Access real-time analytics to benchmark your online sales funnel



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It costs nothing to find out how much more you could be selling. Our siteAnalyser tool is free to use, easy to set up, and works with all ecommerce platforms and shopping carts.

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