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Real-time personalised emails based on browser behaviour can increase sales by up to 12%.

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Our platform sends highly targeted, personalised emails to encourage customers back to your website.

targetMail tracks and profiles customer browsing behaviour to trigger real-time personalised emails when a customer leaves your site. These emails can lead to a 12% increase in online sales.

Cloud IQ targetMail technology gives you the opportunity to send dynamically generated, profile relevant browse abandonment emails to registered customers that have left your site. Ecommerce brands also use it to serve replenishment emails, based on buying patterns against repeat purchase products.

Our platform tracks millions of live customer interactions to create and deliver these personalised emails in real-time, improving the customer shopping experience and encouraging brand loyalty. This powerful combination gives customers what they want and is proven to increase average order value, boosting online revenue by 12%.

Key features

  • Behaviour tracking - Track browsing behaviour of registered users to send out targeted emails

  • Customised remarketing email design - Ability to customise the look and feel of emails to fit your brand

  • Responsive design - Responsive design functions for PC, tablet and smartphone alike

  • Count-down timers - Countdown timers for sales, offers and events

  • Personalised content - Individualised recommendations make emails relevant for each shopper

  • Optimum conversion - Fully integrated with stock availability and business rules

Track customer browsing behaviour to re-engage them when they leave via email


Send highly targeted and personalised emails to encourage the customer back to your site


Customise the look and feel of your emails in keeping with your brand and products


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