Our vision

To allow every business to connect with their customers by creating a better shopping experience from the moment they land on their site. To do that, our experts have developed cutting-edge tools so businesses can gain, retain and grow more customers.

Our mission

We are a customer-focused challenger brand, putting the power of market leading tech in the hands of every business, big or small.

To create an equal playing field for every merchant against the tech giants, we’re doing it with our partner, PayPal.

To do this, we employ a team of world-class engineers, who develop intelligent machine learning behind all our products.

We want to create a business that is sustainable, providing long-term jobs in all the communities we operate in, from London to San Jose and Sydney – and all the cities to come.

Like our vision? Come and join us.

Who we are

Our founders, James and Paul, have worked together for more than 15 years. Their ambition was to use Artificial Intelligence to create a better online customer experience at scale.

They evolved powerful software to level the playing field for merchants, partnering with the most powerful tech leaders: Google and PayPal to make Cloud IQ one of the fastest growing tech companies.

With Funding from PayPal, Nauta, Finance Wales and Juno the team is going from strength to strength with offices in London, Silicon Valley, Sydney, Madrid and Cardiff.

James Critchley

Co-Founder & CEO

Paul Phillips

Co-Founder & CTO

Will Brown

Will Brown

Chief Financial Officer

Tim Renew

Chief Revenue Officer