No matter how well you promote or optimise your site, there will always be those customers who abandon their basket. All businesses whether big or small have to work to recover this abandonment because let's face it, we all hate to lose!

However, a few small changes to your cart recovery strategy could gain you the positive impact you need to bring those abandoned baskets back to complete their transaction. There are many ways to go about nurturing and encouraging leads to do this - we've gathered 6 of our top recommendations:

1. Rule of Three Maximise conversion chances by sending multiple cart abandonment emails, timed to optimise response (you'll need to test the timing that works best for your product and customers). But in terms of email content, we find the most effective pattern to follow to be 'remind-reassure-promote'.


Your first email sent shortly after abandonment is simply to remind the recipient of their basket activity and your assistance. The second can contain more reassurance flags such as customer reviews, returns policy link or free delivery to help entice. By the time the third email is sent (typically 6 days post abandonment), an urgency message 'act soon before your cart expires' can also serve as an opportunity to promotion of your brand so you are front of mind for any other purchase, if not the one that was abandoned by now.  

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2. Compelling Sender & Subject Lines Subject lines should be short, clear and attention grabbing to stand out amongst the clutter and encourage immediate action. Don't jepoardise your conversion chances with confusion, make your sender line branded and recognisable as a helping hand. Subject lines should be continually tested to see which style works best for your brand in terms of driving more clicks back to checkout - comical, clever, helpful, straightforward. Don't forget to test through to sales too as it may be that a subject line driving less clicks actually resulted in a higher number of recovered sales. 


3. Calls to Action CTAs are a great way to encourage visitors to act on your site, so make them directive, so your shoppers know exactly what you want them to do. Try different variations of your CTA buttons to test the placement and copy in your CTA for which version gets the most clicks. 

4. Build Trust Online shopping can sometimes trigger subconcious feelings of concern in consumers, who lack many of the reassurances of in-store purchasing. It's your site's job to ensure any feelings of insecurity do not manifest as conversion barriers. Reassure your customers by highlighting the security of your site and its payment processes to help consumers feel confident in buying from you, giving them peace of mind. For example, include a direct link to your returns policy on your site and make it clear that your site and payment process is secure.

5. Email Layout Cart abandonment emails should be succinct. In order to give yourself the best chance of re-capturing a sale, make sure key elements are visible above the fold and ensure that the text and items displayed are functional and clear to increase click through rates. Make your email stand out from the clutter by branding clearly, providing friendly images (if you choose to include any) and displaying simple colour schemes with highly contrasting call to action buttons.


6. Service-oriented tone Think of your cart recovery emails as an extension of your customer service team. You are helping your customers by saving them the trouble of re-filling their basket should they wish to return and purchase. Don't forget, they could have abandoned for any reason - not necessarily because they no longer want to buy. You can also add a note of urgency in these emails to encourage the back to basket click you're after. Gently remind your customers that the basket with the items they are interested in will expire in X days. 

Of course there are many more elements to building the most effective cart recovery email strategy in order to deliver a fully optimised campaign - from personalisation to testing to mobile optimisation and more. If you would like more information, you can download our guide to creating an effective cart recovery programme.