My experience at Cloud IQ started three months ago. I came in as a shy, inexperienced intern and I’ll leave this office with much more confidence in myself and in my abilities.

As a Business Management student at London Metropolitan University, this internship was exactly what I needed to gain inherent work experience and really understand what “management” means in a commercial context, which is something that a degree does not necessarily give you.

I worked alongside four Digital Project Managers at Cloud IQ. The team were in charge of development and technical requests from clients and internally, including existing campaign updates, new campaign creation and management, client support and end-to-end issue resolution.

I gained knowledge of project management and now understand development principles, technical integrations, monitoring, data insights, coding languages and many more areas. This is down to the passionate people at Cloud IQ, who helped me understand things I didn't think possible and made the workings of this complex digital world much clearer.

From day one, I admired my colleagues - they were all supportive, happy to work with each other and focused on the end goal of growing personally and with the company. It really felt like the right place to work and with the right people; hard workers, funny, conscious of their abilities and willing to help, even me with my many (many!) questions.

A busy workload meant I had the chance to see the PMs work in several situations: I observed how they approached difficult situations, their way of solving issues and how they interacted with several different departments within the business. I saw how they managed potentially stressful situations, and in contrast how extremely satisfied and proud of their work and the whole team they were.

Throughout my internship I was involved in all aspects of the job – meetings, projects, technical tasks – shadowing one Project Manager to start with and within just a few days, working on real tasks myself; this allowed me to gain confidence and contextual understanding on the subjects I was dealing with.

As in every company, not everything always goes smoothly. I experienced times when stress levels and tension within the team was higher - nothing that a sincere and open discussion could not fix.

It took a while to ease into my internship and build my confidence. But little by little, I became more useful to the Project Management and Development team as I worked on an array of different tasks. My biggest challenge was definitely my lack of industry understanding and my ability to discuss and find a solution for issues I could not totally comprehend. However, working through this really made me grow and understand how to approach each task moving forward, with the help of the team I worked with.

A truly great experience.
Thanks Cloud IQ!

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