How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time of course. Dealing with data was the focus of our webinar this week. Hosted by cloud.IQ marketing director Kath Pay, it provides a practical overview on how you can make sense of and use your data to build a customer centred marketing framework.

As well as a summary of the kay take-outs from our webinar in this post, we’ll also give you the slides and recorded video, in case you missed it.

Rather than eating your whole elephant at once, a piecemeal approach is key to a quick start and fast results, avoiding a big data overload.

So, what was covered? Kath talked about smart data. The kind of data that is creative, usable, actionable and accurate. Data that provides you with enough reliability and precision to deliver practical, agile and scalable actions that can be automated to drive fast results.

To explain how you can achieve this ideal, Kath walked through the complexity of consumption and communication channels that our customers use and engage with, delivering all that lovely data that weighs us down…page views, past purchases, clicks, device, time on site, channels… you know the drill.

What do you want?
The first step is to answer key questions that will inform how you attack the data: What problem are you trying to solve? What questions do you want to answer? What actions do you want to enable with these answers? Answer these and you will avoid getting lost in your data.

Set your intentions at the start, and you can start to make small steps, fast. Slowly building up an evolving picture of your customers and the way they interact with you. You can then use this data to inform the personalised and positive experience your customers (often subconsciously) demand from you. An approach we know drives engagement as well as those all-important sales.

Quick wins
Armed with your data and planned actions, Kath talks through how you can get started with some quick wins. There are many solutions available to businesses today that can leverage your data and deliver an automated approach to increase revenue and site performance. These include tactics such as shopping cart recovery retargeting via email, overlays that target those browsers abandoning your site as well product recommendations. All of these can deliver the personalised experience your customers are after, with targeted content and offers based on customer behaviour (the data you have).

It’s not rocket science
By building a framework around your data, you can start to see how it can inform your marketing activities to improve results. As Kath highlights, marketing success depends on the delivery of relevant, timely and personalised messages. So by using your data to inform real-time and automated actions, you can start to improve the marketing you deliver today from the insights you discover, delivering more of what your customers want. It isn’t rocket science. We promise.

Watch our webinar to see how easy it can be to get started.


And once you start to see results, you can use the data and insights you build up as a business case for more budget too. Oh, and don’t forget. However you action your data, always test and optimise to keep improving performance. One last point to note – be transparent and upfront about how you are marketing to your customers. This will build trust, engagement and retention.

We hope you find our webinar useful. You can watch it here. We’d also love to hear your thoughts and questions about marketing data for automation - either leave a comment or get in touch.

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