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Our latest webinar is now available to watch on-demand for free here: 7 Email Marketing Tactics to Optimise Conversions for e-Commerce. And it's worth a watch!


"Another superb webinar from @cloudIQApps - if you aren't following these folks, get on it. Great content, smoothly presented."- @almostgames

"Your webinars are superb. I learn something actionable every time. Keep up the great work!" 

As experts in site abandonment and conversion marketing, all of the advice given in our webinars is tried, tested and delivered. In this week's webinar, cloud.IQ Marketing Director Kath Pay revealed 7 top tactics used to deliver a well-executed email marketing program to drive e-Commerce conversions.

Examples from many brands were used to illustrate how email can be an integral part of the customer journey to purchase, driving engagement and action. Read on for a sneak peak at the 7 points covered, but for the juicy detail you'll need to watch our free recorded webinar.

  1. Make capturing email addresses a priority
  2. 1st Purchase Programme
  3. 2nd Purchase Programme
  4. Maximise the post-purchase experience!
  5. Recovering abandoned shopping carts
  6. Browser Abandonment
  7. Testing is key!

Kath ran a few live polls in the webinar to ask how many of the businesses attending were running automated email programmes - you can see on the screen shot below that the majority (35%) are using just one. It's definitely thinking about a number of programs as a very efficient way to drive conversions. Again, Kath provides further guidance on the programs you can implement in the webinar. 


A 2nd poll asked how many of the delegates are testing the automated programs they're running - 33% say they always test. As the webinar explains, programs that are continually tested deliver the best conversion rates. 


This is just a tiny taster of the insights and expertise given in the webinar, available by clicking the image below:


You can also view the webinar presentation via slideshare below.  

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