Kissmetrics5Mar15We've teamed up with Kissmetrics for another FREE webinar. This time, we'll be talking about how to unleash the testing power of your emails to enhance your other marketing channels.

Presented by cloud.IQ Marketing Director, Kath Pay (also trainer for eConsultancy) and Thue Madsen, Marketing Operations Specialist at Kissmetrics. 

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Aimed at ecommerce and marketing professionals who would like to push the power of their email marketing, this webinar will reveal how to leverage the testing ability of your emails in order to improve the performance of your other marketing acquisition and conversion channels. 

Don't miss lots of top tactics and advice from 2 industry experts.

Learn how to:  

• select the factors you can best test within your emails (not everything can be tested)
• build a hypothesis in to your emails, to drive the actions that provide the answers you're looking for
• use a push channel such as email to inform and improve pull channel performance
• interpret the results of your email tests and apply the learnings 

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We look forward to seeing you there. If you're on a learning mission, there are lots of very useful recorded webinars as well as other content deisgned to help you with your digital marketing and online conversions - all available for free in our resource centre

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