In the last decade, mass marketing has made way for a more intelligent strategy: personalisation. Segmenting and targeting customers based on shared characteristics, has generally been considered to perform better and brands today interweave this technique into almost every campaign. However, with unprecedented consumer choice and expectation, we wanted to explore how well (or not) personalisation is being executed by brands, what constitutes a good online experience, the personal data exchange and how comfortable consumers are with that and the part that trust plays in this dynamic.


Our research, Me, Myself & I: The Individualisation Imperative, identifies customer experience pain-points and attitudes to data sharing and how brands are faring with this in the UK, US and Australia. The findings within our report acknowledge a huge opportunity for brands, revealing how personalisation is not cutting it with consumers and as such, how their expectations are driving towards the individualisation frontier. 

We look forward to watching how this era of individualisation develops against the backdrop of Artificial Intelligence and data insight advances, as it emerges to benefit both consumers and brands alike.

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