Tell us about your computing journey  

As a child I always knew I wanted to do something with IT, even before it was fashionable. When I was 12, I made my very own website which contained song lyrics. It’s still live today! I would take song requests from people at school and write the lyrics up with a friend from school and post them up online.

My spark for computers and innovation continued through my childhood up to my university days when I studied Business Computing at City University. I started my career as a web developer where an opportunity arose to be a Scrum Master, which I went for and haven’t looked back! I feel so lucky to have found what I do now as it suits me perfectly.  

What attracted you to Cloud IQ?

Firstly, I was really impressed with the work they do in the Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) space. I think it’s a fantastic product for brands with lots of site visitors but who are struggling to sell. It amazes me how Cloud IQ helps brands increase sales simply by putting a tag on their website.

Another reason why I fell for Cloud IQ is the fact that it’s so technology focused and I have a great opportunity to learn from some really smart colleagues across the business.

Tell us a bit more about your role…

As a Scrum Master, I provide servant leadership to the team.  This means I help them achieve their best work by helping to resolve blockers, and facilitate key meetings such as the sprint planning, refinement, retrospective, and demonstration meetings.  We constantly inspect and adapt the way we work in order to make sure we are being as productive as possible, and we work towards being a self-organised team.

At Cloud IQ I started as the Scrum Master for the Rook team, which then expanded into two separate teams - Rook and Crow.  More recently I have been involved in recruitment for additional Scrum Masters for those teams so that I can move on to help the BlueJay team.

The Crow team concentrate on the front-end user interface, and are currently building our self-service platform.  The Rook team are focused on the back-end, mostly utilising and building the majority of APIs that power our products.  BlueJay also works on the backend and with the Cloud IQ tag, captures the state of every client website. That information gets analysed which determines whether or not an user should be remarketed via email.

What I do is help teams reach their full potential. Agile/Scrum differs to project management because we make plans in a more democratic way; the team agrees and estimates the work set. I help implement the vision set by the product owners by ensuring the team are enabled to complete what we have planned at the start of each sprint. This ensures that we work more effectively and that’s why agile working practices are recognised in the world of technology and software development.

What do you like most about it?

I love the variety that my role offers, we don’t always have to stick to pursuing agile principles but it is possible to take a pragmatic approach when solving problems within teams and making them more productive. The best part about working in an Agile team is watching individuals grow. I’ve witnessed team members go from being shy initially with what they’re developing to becoming confident and very skilled in what they do.  Seeing this transformation is exactly the type of growth that gives me job satisfaction in a self-organising team. Another transformation that I am passionate about is seeing team members that may have been initially sceptical about agile becoming true champions of it.

Where do you see yourself in 5 years time?

With the direction that I’m going in, I hope to become an agile coach and help scale agile working across the organisation, not just within the engineering teams.


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