At Cloud IQ, we are so much more than the sum of our parts. Our team is made up of an eclectic mix of smart and energetic individuals who all share a passion for innovation.

Together we all share the same goal - using technology to make the internet work better for everyone. We already make over 300 million online transactions easier for consumers and merchants alike. And that’s just the beginning.

At the heart of Cloud IQ is our understanding that each and every consumer is different and must be treated as an individual. And while our team share the same vision, we understand and celebrate every individual and the contribution they each make.

With that in mind, each month we’ll be speaking to a member of our team to shine a light on the work they do and their areas of expertise. This month Product Owner Richard Wendon talks about his background, passion for product and life at Cloud IQ.

Tell us about your background and how you came to work at Cloud IQ?

I have a background in graphic design and web development, areas I have been working in for over twelve years. Three years ago, I decided to move into product development and became a certified scrum product owner, working across gambling and later advertising technologies. I was excited by the opportunity to work at Cloud IQ on making their products even more customer centric.

What do you do on an everyday basis?

Business analysis, requirement gathering, prioritisation and story creation (tasks for the development team) are what I find myself doing most days. It means a lot of talking to people and reviewing documentation. Essentially, I act as a conduit between the ‘broader business’ and the developers. By understanding our products I do my best to represent the customer and to walk in the customer's shoes, ‘what data do I want to see?’ or ‘what would make my life easier?’

What attracted you to Cloud IQ?

I could tell that Cloud IQ had a clear direction and vision. It’s great working for a company so focused on what they are doing and want to deliver. There is nothing more frustrating as a product owner than not being able to deliver. The company is going through a fantastic growth period and the opportunities we have at the moment due to our PayPal investment are amazing. It’s such a great place to come and work everyday. Cloud IQ is full of fun family vibes and there is no doubt that there are long term prospects here.

What does the future look like for you?

I hope to be the product owner of an award winning platform being used globally by hundreds of thousands of customers. For the foreseeable future I’ll be working on growing Cloud IQ’s capabilities and performance. With our products, there will always be more we can do, parts we can work on to make it a better product for the customer. I am looking forward to having the opportunity to work on some of the new product ideas that Cloud IQ is currently this space!

How do you think Cloud IQ can help improve the customer experience in the future?

I think that machine learning will be increasingly important to us and our customers. It allows us to build our intelligence about customer behaviour and use that to deliver a more individualised customer experience…. Hopefully it will yield incredible results for both our customers and us!

Of course it doesn’t end there, the data we are gathering will help us find new ways to help our customers sell more products, build their audiences and know more about their customers behaviours.

Tell us something Cloud IQ people don’t know yet?

I’ve landed in a ski plane towards the top of a glacier in a mountain range in New Zealand. Then got out for a walk… jumped back in and took off again down the mountain.

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