Mobile, mobile, mobile. That’s where it all happens for retailers online, with the likes of John Lewis and House and of Fraser reporting huge traffic surges on mobile devices recently.

However, cloud.IQ  has discovered that despite the fact that mobile devices apparently dominate our lives and shopping habits – Cap Gemini reporting that sales via smart devices leapt 138% in 2013[1] - the desktop is where most online shopping still occurs.

During the month of January 2014, cloud.IQ (remarketing specialist) saw that:

  • Well over two thirds (68%) of consumers still shop online using desktops computers
  • just 9% of those sessions converting happened on smartphones
  • 84% - abandonment rate for smartphones
  • 72% - abandonment rate for tablets
  • 68% - abandonment rate on desktops

The bottom line is that online retailers must have a strategy in place to realise that shoppers, more often than not, don’t convert on smartphones and that they still use and are more likely to convert on desktop computers.