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Top 10 Tips to Effective Cart Recovery 

Recover More Lost Sales & Increase Revenue

This guide outlines 10 essential top tips proven to reduce basket abandonment and recover more lost sales, increasing your online revenue.  

Basket abandonment is a fact of life. It is also a massive opportunity for you to recover and convert more sales.

As cart recovery and conversion experts, this essential check-list will help you recover and convert as many lost sales as possible, regardless of how large or small your business is.  

Download now for quick and easy to implement tips you can use today to kick start or fine tune your cart recovery email strategy, including how to:

- Re-market to customers abandoning before they leave your site
- Address the main reasons for abandonment in your cart recovery emails
- Establish efficiency with automation and carefully timed emails 

For fast results, download and dive in today. 

“Implementing Cloud IQ’s tools was a breeze. And the pricing far more favourable than similar solutions out there, as it is based on a fixed price model rather than cost per sale. This has enabled us to achieve such a high ROI.”
- Managing Director, Qbic Hotels

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